You are currently viewing Do you create Youtube shorts? Now earn up to $100 – $10,000 from Youtube

Do you create Youtube shorts? Now earn up to $100 – $10,000 from Youtube

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Youtube just announced the Youtube Shorts Shorts fund, where creators can get $100-$10,000 from youtube if their shorts videos gets the most engagement and views to reward them for contribution.

The criteria for earning these cash rewards from Youtube for creating shorts are not as complicated like youtube partner program, which is a normal youtube earning method by creating a usual channel and then achieving 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, to earn Youtube Shorts rewards you just need to work hard on creating interesting Shorts video.

Things You can’t do to Earn Youtube Shorts Rewards

  • You can’t use copied content from other creator videos, movies and clips, Your shorts should be Orignal.
  • You can’t use watermark of other short video platforms like MX takatak, Moj etc
  • Should have atleast 1 shorts video uploaded in the last 180 days.

How you will get rewards?

Youtube has said that they will reach out to popular Shorts creators who add value to the youtube viewers in the form of any kind of videos. So not everyone will get these Youtube shorts reward, we think that if a creator could come up to the most popular youtube shorts creators list by doing hard work then their chances are high. You have to focus on getting the most engagement and views to get to the top list and to increase your chances to get these rewards.


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