How to choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

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Choosing the right digital marketing agency can be very critical to your business success because marketing agencies are not like before, who just used to run your television ads or radio ads, they are now a major competitive advantage for most businesses because they help you in acquiring customers.

The second reason why choosing the right digital marketing is critical, because it is quite hard to choose the best performing and best-fit marketing agency that can really give you growth without any risks that are involved in the agency and your business, which you will get to know in this guide.

The performance of a marketing agency will determine your future sales in your business. An agency will be your biggest business success factor, as it is linked with enhancing your future sales by attracting your target audience by multiple marketing methods to communicate your brand message to increase interest in your product so that demand for your product can be increased and end up with generating sales.

Onboarding a marketing agency is as much as critical as an entrepreneur finds a co-founder to develop a business. No one should consider hiring a marketing agency without proper due diligence otherwise you may even end up harming the growth and sustainability of your business.

And that’s why in this article we will guide you for proper due diligence and precautions you must take before choosing any digital marketing agency.

Serious Risks in choosing the wrong digital marketing agencies?

Digital Marketing is in trend, there is a lot of demand for Digital Marketing services in almost all businesses, and as there is a demand in any industry, supply gets overwhelmed.

You may have noticed that how so many people have started calling themselves a “Digital marketing expert” Right?

This is because it is becoming a new youngster’s trend, just like there was a trend of coding a few years back and everyone wanted to become a coder, but now it is replaced with Digital Marketing because it is one of those skills that can be learned from the internet with the comfort of your couch.

But gaining just knowledge from few internet articles, videos and courses doesn’t make you a “Digital Marketing Expert”, even real Digital Marketing experts like Neil Patel do not call themselves an expert. As he said in one of his video.

For anyone to claim themselves a Digital Marketer they need to have their portfolio with them and then their client and success case studies will decide whether they are expert, specialist, beginner, or he is just a person who is looking to earn money after getting triggered from “How to earn money Online” Videos.

Digital Marketing is becoming new online earning method for millennials.

If you are really serious about hiring a digital marketing agency for the Long-term then you really need to understand this industry completely about what is actually wrong happening in the digital marketing industry.

Not only the demand and trend of digital marketing are attracting unskilled digital marketing agencies and freelancers, yes this is the one of the problem but this is only a half problem, the other half problem lies in business owners who hire agencies and freelancers without knowing proper precautions and right hiring knowledge, specifically in digital marketing.

Most business owners do not know what’s important skills agencies and freelancers should have in their Cv or portfolio to achieve their business digital goals through Digital Marketing Strategies, because digital marketing is complex skill and marketplace is filled with lot’s of self-claiming Digital Marketing Experts.

I have seen many business owners don’t even question agencies’ and freelancers’ skills by interviewing them or analyzing their past projects.

All I have experienced clients asking is just one question, ‘How much you charge’? Which is a really a wrong way to select a marketing agency solely on price.

If you hire any agency on a just pricing factor then there are so many chances that you will fall in the hands of underskilled agencies because they will be those who will offer you attractive low costs and will do over commitments that are not practical, and they will also tell you that they offer every single service like fb ads, google ads, seo, social media management, influencer marketing and will also tell you that they are expert in all of them just to make people like you their clients.

And whoever is offering you attractive low pricing cannot offer you quality because for ex: If any agency wants to give someone quality work that actually produces results then he must have a proper team with every individual with practical experience which costs money.

So i am not saying that you should not consider price, but price should not be your only checklist when choosing a digital marketing agency.

When people hire a wrong agency then,

It’s common for businesses owners to discover unsatisfactory deliverability after few weeks of onboarding new agencies and freelancers like:

  • They don’t deliver skills and performence they promised at the time of pitching and sales.
  • They Starts being unresponsive for reports, replies, feedbacks and emails.
  • Instead of improving on the results and quality, they take their client taken for granted and slowly decrease quality of work over time.

People only switch or try different agencies or freelancers when they start getting really bad experiences or mediocre performances, but till that they would already waste their money because you cannot find out this in the begining.

So when your thousands of dollars are at stake and when choosing and finding a great digital marketing agency is hard then it becomes very important for you to take steps to reduce the chances of getting into the wrong hands.

You should look for the best performer and real experts if you want to increase your more chances of getting results in the return for your marketing budget and the service fee charged by agencies.

But another problem is, in order to hire a perfect Digital Marketing service provider you should know the Digital Marketing as well, the more you know digital marketing challenges, industry, and the more you have practical knowledge of implementing Digital Marketing on a project level, the more you will start to find out what are the important areas and points you must consider while hiring someone for getting most chances of getting actual results from them.

But the reality is that it is not practically possible for every business owner to learn deeply about digital marketing just to hire a perfect digital marketing agency for their business, business owners have lots of things to do.

That’s where the role of trusty Digital Marketing consultants, advisors, and recruitment companies can help you find the right and highest skilled freelancer or agencies, or in setting up your in house team of digital marketers with the help of their knowledge and experience in selecting, hiring perfect candidates, freelancers or agencies for your business needs.

And for that, you can reach out to us through our website contact page, and we will help you in saving your time, money and by taking this risky and critical process into our hands.

How to choose the best Digital Marketing agency?

To choose the best Digital Marketing agency you should always consider some things like:

1) Know your Requirements First

So the first step in choosing any digital marketing agency is to know your goals. Yeah its obvious that the end goals are always sales, but you have to be specific. For ex;

  • Do you want to generate leads
  • More app downloads
  • More Traffic
  • More Followers on Social Media
  • Launching new product or service
  • Communicating your brand message or brand building
  • Reaching into new location
  • Educating your target audience
  • Conversions or Sales

These are some of the goals that you may have, but yeah don’t worry about the perfect strategy, goal’s and clarity of your requirements, because agencies are their to consult you what is best for you and how it can be achieved that’s the expertise area of agencies.

2) Understand your budget and stage of business

Not every business or startup can afford to hire agencies or the best agencies, not everyone is looking for top-notch quality and performance. Your needs and budget may be very different according to your stage.

Hiring top agencies will make your pockets empty in few months if you are a startup without funding or good revenue.

If you are a startup that is just starting out then you should look for hiring freelancers or a team of freelancers if possible. It will save you money and start getting revenue.

Checkout our blog on hiring freelancer vs agency, which is best for you?

1) Taking presentation or interview:

As a business owner, it gives you an idea about the value your potential agency or freelancer can give you. It can also help you to know the differences, uniquenesses and understanding digital marketing and your requirements more deeply because, at the time of sales presentation offered by agencies and freelancers, they try to educate you about your requirements more better.

Basically, every sales presentation you will receive from multiple service providers includes, sharing information about that agency’s strengths, free marketing guidance or plan, knowledge of technical aspects of the specific digital strategy, their past works, and testimonials.

And you can request presentations from many agencies and freelancers to better comparison each of them to choose the right service provider.

Most people don’t even take a sales presentation, or never ask questions like, “what can you do for me”, “what are your expertise areas”, “why should I choose you over others”.

So getting a sales presentation before signing the contract with any agency will really help you in choosing the right digital marketing agency.

2) Researching reviews, case studies and testimonials.

How can you evaluate someone’s skills if they do not have any reviews, case studies, and testimonials? They are the only source of data where you can verify someone’s skills. So it is essential for every business owner to check past reviews, case studies, and testimonials of the agencies you are looking to work with.

Or if you do not have time, then request your preferred chosen agency to show you their past record of works and results in the presentation that you will request from them in a meeting.

3) Probation period.

Yeah, it is not quite common to hold your selected agency in a probation period. Basically probation period is a time period companies hold their recruited employee in a temporary period to test and check actual real-life performance and skills of the employees, where a company does not give full salary and benefits a permanent employee get’s, and a company can terminate his employee who is in probation period without any notice if found incompatibility, under performance and lack of skills and punctuality.

When you buy a product, let’s say a mobile phone you can be sure that the phone you purchased will perform well after your purchase because it is a product.

But when it comes to hiring someone for your work, you can’t be sure about their actual discipline, quality of work, and responsiveness that they will promise you at the time of sales, until they start do your work.

And as I said that Digital Marketing is a new trend of people who want to earn from their home, so many unskilled, inexperienced people are claiming themselves, experts. Even if anyone has good reviews and a good past record, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to give you actual quality work and results for you as well.

So the condition of probation period in front of your desired agency to actually test their performance is the best idea for business owners to verify the right digital marketing agency.

Companies usually hold their employees for 3 months to 1 year, but you should not hurt your agency by pushing your probation period condition for so long. It is not necessary for you to put them for 3 months to 1 year, it actually depends on your type of requirements.

For ex: If you are looking for Google ads or Social media ads service, then depending upon the campaign setup and duration, you can put your condition for at least 1 campaign to test their actual practical quality and performance.

So the duration or length or probation period is dependable on circumstances and your specific requirements and you can decide it by yourself according to your needs and work type.

Also if you approaching an agency that has very strong reviews and testimonials, and have a very great reputation and trust in the market, then you should not ask for a probation period because it will be not right if they are already trusted by many clients.

4) Taking the help of Digital Marketing consultants or recruiters to find the right agency or freelancer.

Look, even if you do all of the above steps there is no surety that your thousands of dollars will fall into the right hands. Not only your money will get wasted, your time too, and business owners can’t afford anyone.

As I told you that the best way to find out the best Digital Marketing agency is to have the actual experience and deep knowledge of a particular skill you are facing requirement in your business, and it is not practically possible for business owners.

Taking the help of consultants who have practical experience and knowledge of Digital Marketing can help you to find and filter out the best Digital Marketing agency for you.

But wait? Do you just want to find the genuine or right digital marketing agency? Or you are looking for the best digital marketing agency? If you are looking for the best performing and creative digital marketing agency that can be your competitive advantage and helps you to get the biggest market share?

Do you know that besides most of companies can handle your digital marketing works, it is not always recommended that you should give your work to an agency that can do more than just handling your work.

So, What I am saying?

I am talking about more than just Google ranking, running Social media ads, managing social media accounts, and traffic to your website.

I am talking about building the next brand by leveraging the best possible strategies of online marketing, customer acquisition, and brand loyality.

I believe that the best and competitive marketing agency turn around your business completely. But it is not easy, the scenario is no matter how much digital marketing sounds easy through some online videos and articles, getting results, beating out your competitors, and acquiring customers is really hard.

Look, every business has now its own marketing team, the more your industry has competitors the more it is hard for you to get the best possible results from strategies like SEO, Google ads, Social media ads, Content Marketing, etc.

If any agency wants its client to get the best possible digital marketing results and outcomes, their process of executing works has to be advance and different.

Many agencies outsource their work to their team of people who are handling multiple projects of clients.

Now tell me how can an agency give me quality work if my project is handled by a team who is handling multiple projects of many clients, this results in distributed focus, mediocre results, increased time frames, decreased quality, and increased overall cost to the end clients.

Most agencies hire’s underskilled employee’s just to increase the net profit of their agencies, which usually clients do not are aware of.

When you are hiring an agency, you are not hiring its salesmen whom you will make promises and expected results at the time of proposal and sales, you are hiring a team of skilled people who are being managed by an agency to get achieve client results.

And if you really want to dig deep down for the perfect decision then do research and ask an agency about how do they hire people in their agencies? and also ask who will be the actual people that will be going to work on your project and their individual past CV’s.

A consultant will not only find the best marketing agency or team, but the consultant will also map out the best strategy and execution plan to get the best possible results.

For ex; nowaday’s getting results from digital marketing is going hard day by day, because don’t you think that your competitors do have a marketing agency or not? Ofcourse the chances are that they already have, its very common.

But if they have then they are also trying to get your same customer base by using digital marketing methods.

The google website rankings of your competitors on your targeted keywords you see are not handled by a single individual, because everyone is trying to get 1st position, only a experienced digital marketer will tell you that there is usually a team of people involved in getting and maintaining ranking on the first page of google, instead of only one person.

Because all other website’s or competitors are working day and night to get ranking on the same keyword by different outranking strategies.

So nowadays it is not a good method to work on all platforms or digital marketing methods at the same time because you will not get results, if you have less then 5 team of people for your digital marketing work then you should only focus on one channel of marketing to first get the result from one channel instead of trying to work on all and getting nothing in outcome.

You can’t get results if your digital marketing team will focus on every single channel or marketing method out there, because it is better to put your 5 people of team on doing just SEO to produce quality content with quanity, improving site structure and UX, letting some people on building backlinks dedicatedly to use focused strategy.

If your team will divide itself by different channels and platforms then your ability to outperform your exisiting competitors of even one channel gets low and you would need to work for years to start getting results from all platform with limited team because of no focus.

The results and customers you could get by focsing on one channel in for ex 6 months will take you years, because of decreased chances in provinding value to the users who will visit your website or social media pages and decrease chances in beating competitors.

And when I am talking about competitors then i am not only referring to SEO, it applies to all social media channels and advertising options available to you in Digital Marketing, just platforms are different otherwise getting infront of people whether it is being done by ranking your website on google by SEO or reaching out to facebook, instagram or linkedin newsfeed of people. Fundamentally the target is same “getting attention of your target customer into your product and service offerring”.

So who will tell you strategies like these?

A Consultant.

But hopefully if you like to find best consultant then you don’t need to do extensive research, you are at the right place. You can contact us, even we would advice you to go step ahead and choose a offshore digital marketing agency to get 3-4 times more results in the same amount of money you would pay to agencies in developed countries.

Developing countries like India and philippines have the advantage of extremely low cost and high skilled people for you if you live in developed nations like US and uk.

There is a reason why big corporates offshore their business processes in counties like India, they save huge amount of money and tax they would have to pay if they would had choosed to give the same contract in their developed countries.

Our company is made for the people like you who are interested in offshoring their digital marketing work in India to save almost 3-4 times less money and getting results and quality that is unbeatable because of the serious taking precautions of all the above things i have told you.

But outsourcing your Digital Marketing work to companies in India, pakistan or philipines comes with some other precaution’s that you should be well informed of, so read our this article here before considering offshoring your any project to developing countries.


Choosing the best digital marketing agency for your business is the most critical decision for a business, and specially in today time where the demand of digital marketing is attracting lot’s of unskilled and underskilled youngsters who can easily make you believe that they are an experts because of the knowledge they acquire from internet, but having only knowldge about a specific field doesn’t make you skilled in getting results.

And this problem get’s more serious because finding and choosing a best digital marketing agency is skill in itself which is lacking in most business owners.

But I think that if someone will take the decision based on my recommendation shared to you in this article, than they will get a best digital marketing agency.

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