Hiring freelancers vs agencies? Which is best for you?

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Hiring digital marketing agency vs freelancers?

Freelancers are a great option to start your work if you are just a small startup without so many funds or if you are at the idea stage.

While the agency could bring up top-notch quality work, it also costs you as there are so many costs that agencies have to pay for in order to give you quality work.

Agencies have to make sure that they hire the best and experienced employees with each of one specialized at 1-2 skills which are their biggest cost, they also have to hire, project managers, trainers, department managers, c-level executives, sales and customer support people, and other costs like office and utilities cost, tools and gadgets costs, etc.

So there are many costs involved in agencies in order for them to give you the best performance and top-notch quality.

Hiring a freelancer

A small business owner may found really hard to afford an agency, so if you are one of those entrepreneurs who just want to test digital marketing and get things started then the best choice is to hire a freelancer or team of freelancers.

Because freelancers can give you their services at a cheaper rate because there are not so many costs involved in their day-to-day operations that agencies have.

But you should not hire a freelancer to manage your all digital marketing channels, that freelancer would not be able to give you results if you outsource your all digital marketing channels work to one freelancer.

A freelancer can be good at one or two channels, but if you found any freelancer who claims that he is an expert in all digital marketing channels like SEO, sem, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, content creation, youtube ads, website development, landing page development, conversion rate optimization etc, then there is a great chance that he is not expert in any of the things he claims to be.

So if you plan to hire only one freelancer for your digital marketing business then first find the right freelancer who is actually a specialist by looking at his past works and testimonials and then choose to only outsource one or two things at most to one freelancer.

Fiverr is a great platform to find freelancers of your needs, you can find so many skilled digital marketers on the site with reviews from real clients who purchased their services in the past from the platform. You can judge their service quality by looking at their reviews of their particular service.

Hiring team of freelancers

Hiring a team of freelancers is the best choice for startup owners because they will be cheaper and will also fulfill all marketing needs of your startup.

Nowadays working on one digital marketing channel is not a good thing for your business, results are in working on all platforms and channels.

Nowadays’s people use multiple platforms at the same time. They use Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, youtube, and email at the same time. And results in digital marketing are also interdependent on each other platforms, which means the more platforms and channels you will work on the higher your conversion rate will be.

So working on multiple platforms is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity for business owners who want to achieve their business goals through digital marketing.

So hiring a team of freelancers is the best option for startup owners or small businesses, but hiring a team of freelancers requires constant management and communication with all the freelancers.

In fact, we found that if you pay a freelancer and expect him to perform without any monitoring and management invested in him, your results can go down 2-3x, because if you are not into constant updates and monitoring with freelancers you hired, then as they manage multiple clients like you, they will not give priority to your work or project, because if I would be a freelancer in this situation I would think that if my client does not care about his project then I can compromise in efforts, quality and priority.

And what usually happens is, if you are non-techy and have less knowledge in digital marketing then freelancers find a way to give you logical reasons for their mistakes and performance. So it is also a challenge for non-techy business owners to deal with them in most cases.

And this management task on the client gets multiplied if he hires a team of freelancers.

So for the solution for challenges and issues that comes in hiring a team of freelancer, we have designed a service where we provide you a dedicated project manager for selecting, hiring, communicating and managing your team of freelancers if you find hiring team of freelancer a great option for you. We charge you just a management and project fee according to on monthly vise to take responsibility of all these works and provide you performance out of your team of freelancers.

Even we go a step ahead to reduce your service cost, we hire freelancers from Countries like India, because of which you get 2-3 times less cost in comparison to a freelancer in countries like US and UK.

We create strategies and integrity among all freelancers that will increase your Results.

So Checkout our service from here.

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