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Facing challenges in Creating Content Consistently? Here are my Best tips!

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More leads = More Prospects

More Prospects = More Sales

More Sales = More Profit

More Profit = More Happiness.

But the problem is how you can actually generate more leads for your business, everyone knows that we can run paid ads and can generate leads 10 times easier and faster compared to non-paid lead generation methods.

As most of the people know that content creation for multiple platforms like SEO, social media, youtube, LinkedIn, etc is the way to go to generate leads for your business if you do not have money to invest in ads. So no awareness of the benefits of content creation when you don’t have money is not the actual issue.

The real issue is the complexity, challenges, and discomfort one has to go through in order to create content consistently to generate leads from content creation.

Some of the content creation challenges a creator face are:

  1. Content creation takes hard work every day, which is not pleasurable and enjoyed by the one who wants to grow their business.
  2. Not having good communication skills or writing skills.
  3. Content creation means sharing knowledge and it requires you to constantly learn so many things in your niche, it’s like becoming an online teacher in your field.
  4. Not having Content Ideas.
  5. Procrastination and distractions.
  6. Content creation is a patience game of at least 1 year, while in paid ads you can start getting results in just some hours.

So these are the actual obstacles faced by the one who knows the benefits of content marketing but still is not able to actually execute things.

So how to overcome problems faced by content creators?

Here are my are solutions to common problems faced by every content creators.

Problem no1: Content creation takes hard work.

Solution: Start doing daily visualization before starting your day and recall all of the problems you are facing in your life and the future life after you solve all your problems, how would you feel? This daily visualization practice will give you the energy to go through the hard work required in the content creation process.

Problem no2: Not having good communication skills

Solution: Communication skills get better as you practice explaining challenging things every day. But you are not doing a live session, records videos, and cut the parts where you fumble or struggle.

And even if you are not able to create video content, then start doing SEO, creating graphical content, and written content just like me. And at the same time producing videos and multiple retakes actually improve your communication and explaining skills.

Problem no 3: Learning and Content research

Solution: It is actually not a problem if we just change the perception of this problem. It is actually making you better in your industry and at the personal level. So you need to enjoy learning, and start taking notes and important points from other content and reshare that in your own version. Until creating original content creation is a complex thing for you in the starting.

Problem no 4: Not having content Ideas

Solution: It is the consequence of not improving and learning new things in your industry. The more you will learn about your industry the more content ideas you will have in your mind.

Problem no 5: Procrastination and Distractions

So it is one of the biggest challenges not in just content creation, but at every level of your life but here are my some tips to overcome procrastination and distraction from your life.

Procrastination is actually a habit of escaping from stressful, boring, and discomfortable works. Even if you are working on your passion, it is unavoidable to completely remove stressful, boring, and discomfortable works because even in passion there are some works attached to your every passion that has to be done to complete a task.

So to overcome procrastination you need to constantly maintain the reasons why you want to do a specific task and problems which will act as a motivation or energy to do works that are stressful, boring, and discomfortable.

And to best practice, you can do to overcome procrastination is by being mindful about what you are doing and thinking whenever you notice that you are procrastinating for some work. And you should watch some videos on procrastination which will really help you:
Check out:

Video 1

Video 2

These videos by Mel Robbins will surely help you, Mel robbins is the author “The 5 second rule” of who has mastered the art of overcoming.

Problem no 6: No patience and long term work.

Solution: Not having patience is the result of your unnatural expectation. Everyone wants to get results from tomorrow. But when you don’t have money to invest in paid ads, then it is not possible. You should expect results from content after some months or better at least 1 year. As soon you will fix your unrealistic expectation, not having patience will be no longer be a problem for you.


So, as I said that not knowing the benefits of content marketing is not the problem, the actual problem are mainly these that I mentioned here which holds a content creator from creating content consistently.

And as soon as you start generating leads from your content creation efforts, you can start investing earned money back into paid ads to generate Leads effortlessly.

And always remember that content creation not only generates leads but increases you at personal levels and at business levels.

Benefits of content marketing in your business.
  • Your brand will be known as an authority in your industry and among competitors.
  • Trust and credibility of your brand will be increased.
  • You will get’s lots of followers in mulitple platforms and ability to sell them anything which can help them.
  • A competitve advantage of branding over your competitors.
  • A potential of earning money from your content. Youtube adsense and website adsense can generate you thousands of dollors per month if you start getting lots of viewership.

And lots of direct and indirect things like sponsorships and affiliate earnings.

Benfits of content marekting at personel levels:
  • Personel branding.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • So much of learning because of content creation. Which is the biggest benefit.

And lots of other indirect benefits.

So the game of content creation is really interesting because it is like a learning and earning thing game. Not everybody can do that but if you want to outsource your content marketing work then you can contact us from our contact page.


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