Can’t complete any work? Here is the productivity fix

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The reason is subtle and we need to understand human psychology and behavior by breaking down things.

If you have something to achieve in life, then you need to do all the things that are necessary to achieve or manifest the particular thing that you want in life.

It may be to be healthy, become better at any skill, build a company, get more customers, get a job, go on a world tour, improve your concentration, write a book etc.

Goals are subjective from person to person, everybody has different goals and desires according to their stage of life and situation.

But what is achievement scientifically?

Achievement is basically a result, effect, or outcome of a certain activity or collection of activities ( process ).

Your set of activities which include all works that you know you should do to achieve a particular goal works as building blocks for your goal.

Thinking is potential power, and it is the first step to decide what you want to do which may result in a goal to be achieved.

But you can’t achieve by thinking alone, because thinking can’t produce outside goals alone, Action with necessary planning and thinking is the actual building block that moves you to your target.

For ex; If I am a salesman of a company, and my goal or target is to achieve more sales, then I need to gain proper knowledge of sales which helps me to act accurately.

But knowledge or strategy on my mind can’t produce the sales if need to put work.

I need to do sales calls, reach outs, meetings, prospecting, traveling to client’s locations, writing down their requirements, proper follow-up, etc.

Then my chances of getting sales increases in this world, which is my goal.

But why are we couldn’t able to take actions that are necessary in order to achieve any goal?

The reason is our expectation from day-to-day tasks.

What kind of expectation?

The expectation to get enjoyment from work which we have to do on a daily basis.

Everybody tells you that you should only do the work which you like, which is a stupid thing and will always stop you from getting achievements in life.

Because the process is most of the time boring and discomfortable.

Ask the person who wants to get muscles, he goes through the pain of exercise day by day.

No matter what is your passion or whatever career you will choose, there are always 80-90% unpleasant works attached to your most liked passion.

For ex: Listening a music is enjoyable, but ask the producer of that music whether he enjoys creating music or not?

The process of creating music is hell-boring and requires a tremendous amount of focus and trial and error.

Ask a boxer, whether he likes to do training on a daily basis, ask a cricketer, ask an entrepreneur, ask a coder, or anyone. The process behind their achievements was never pleasant.

Our minds work on pain and pleasure mechanisms, expecting a sense of enjoyment from your day to day tasks which leads you towards your goals will never move you forward.

When you will seek enjoyment from work, your mind will help you in that. Your mind will rationalize more enjoyable activities like using your phone, watching movies, taking a break, and procrastinating every day because you are seeking enjoyment, mind understands it and helps you to replace your goal-related works with more enjoyable works like using a phone or not doing anything.

And you will spend most of your days in distractions and will regret every night with the expectation to become better on next day, which never happens.

So change your perception towards your work, increase your pain capacity and go through the boredom and pain that comes with every work which needs to be done in order to achieve your goal.

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